Morning Greetings, Pt.2

(On February 6th)

Me: Hello, everyone!

Class: Hello, Ms. Rachel!

Me: How are you today?

Class: I’m *insert variation of “fine, cold, happy, hungry, sleep, angry, etc.”, and you?*

Me: What’s the date today?

Rogue student: It’s February….SEX!!!

Class: *uproarious laughter*





Things I see from the Window, Part 2

Again, school had just ended for the day. I was sitting at my desk preparing for a presentation the next day. It was a warm early-summer day, so the door and windows were wide open.

One of my 1st year boys runs up to the door and yells “Hello!”

I respond with “Hello!”

Then a few more run up.

“Ohhhh, Helloooo Teacher!”, someone cheers.

One of them starts winking.

“Teacher, I love you!”, someone shouts.

Another blows me a kiss.

“No, I love you!”, someone else tries to one-up him.

Pretty soon there’s a fan club-like gathering of 12 year-olds outside the door and I had to shoo them away…

Yep. That happened.