Morning Greetings, Pt.2

(On February 6th)

Me: Hello, everyone!

Class: Hello, Ms. Rachel!

Me: How are you today?

Class: I’m *insert variation of “fine, cold, happy, hungry, sleep, angry, etc.”, and you?*

Me: What’s the date today?

Rogue student: It’s February….SEX!!!

Class: *uproarious laughter*





Things I see from the Window, Part 2

Again, school had just ended for the day. I was sitting at my desk preparing for a presentation the next day. It was a warm early-summer day, so the door and windows were wide open.

One of my 1st year boys runs up to the door and yells “Hello!”

I respond with “Hello!”

Then a few more run up.

“Ohhhh, Helloooo Teacher!”, someone cheers.

One of them starts winking.

“Teacher, I love you!”, someone shouts.

Another blows me a kiss.

“No, I love you!”, someone else tries to one-up him.

Pretty soon there’s a fan club-like gathering of 12 year-olds outside the door and I had to shoo them away…

Yep. That happened.


Things I see from the Window…

My desk faces a big sliding door/row of windows that look out over the schoolyard. Sometimes I see interesting things.

The other day, after school had ended and club activities were about the begin, I witnessed a student get stuck in the utility shed across the soccer field. They were taking out the equipment for their sports practice, and somehow, the sliding door had gotten stuck.

The rest of the students ran off, so he was left in there, fiddling with the door. It took me a few minutes to realize he was really stuck. I saw him banging on the door (the top half was a window).

No other teachers were in the room, so I just kinda looked around and waited to see if anyone else noticed.

Just as I was considering that I should probably get up off my butt and go help him, another student ran over to open the door, and all was well.

Almost two months later, I still chuckle when I think about it.