“I like air-conditioners.”

A retroactive post, because lately it’s been so absurdly hot and horrendously humid, (蒸し暑い; むしあつい; mushiatsui) that this story has once again become relevant.

Back in April when the new school year started, a new batch of 1st year students rolled in. Most of that first week was spent introducing myself to them.

In addition to a slideshow containing pictures of my family, hobbies, and various things I like, I made the kids tell me about themselves.

The students all took turns introducing themselves to me. On the board we wrote a template:

My name is _________. I like __________. I can (play/do) ______. Thank you!

The usual answer sounded something like:

“My name is (insert name). I like sushi/games/books. I can pay soccer/baseball. TY!”

And then there was this kid.

“My name is (So and so)….I like AIR-CONDITIONERS.”

Wait a minute, back it up! What? You like air-conditioners? Hm.

The whole class, including the kid himself, got a good laugh out of it. He didn’t go into any further detail as to why he liked AC so much…when we asked him, he just shrugged and sat back down and insisted we move onto the next kid.

But now that it’s mid-July, I totally get it.

I like air-conditioners, too. I like them a lot. No elaboration necessary.







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